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Sanctum Spa

A long list of positives are linked to the practice of yoga. Novices began to redevelop flexibility, intermediate students build lean muscle and find equilibrium, while seasoned appreciators of yoga laud its role in clarity and the generation of inner peace.

In the rat race of professional life, it has become an absolute necessity to unplug and slow down. The Sanctum response to that need is the availability of twice-weekly yoga classes in our mind-opening workout space.

Conducted by Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors-certified teacher Balamurale Krishnan, the 45-minute classes will focus on alignment (much needed after hours of desk sitting), and the physical benefits of individual asanas.

A seasoned instructor, Balamurale is known for his gentle style of instruction, coaching on breathing techniques, and working to the abilities of his various students.

To benefit from his Wednesday and Friday sessions which run from 12.45 PM to 1.30 PM, sign up with Sanctum. Classes are kept to a maximum of eight for individual attention. A minimum of three persons are required for a class. For bookings, WhatsApp our Sanctum Wellness team at +603 2789 7872 or email at


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